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Riddlers Pink

The Riddlers Tale asks your pupils to read and solve riddles as they help to release prisoners trapped by the North Wind.

Follow up tasks include writing their own Riddles and characters to embed in their own versions of this tale.

This walk covers curriculum elements general and group reading, team work, negotiation, understanding directions locations.

The story begins in the grounds of Otterhampton school, just walk onto the grass of the playing field.
Chapter one

The Riddlers Tale

Welcome one and welcome all
To my broad and brightest hall
A hall with neither roof nor floor
A hall without walls nor doors
A hall where all seasons meet
A hall where grass grows beneath your feet
A hall where daily weather unfolds
A hall where the nights are sharp and cold
A hall where the sky tops the ceiling
A hall with edges marked by railings

This is where I come to play
This is where the innocent stray
This is where I set the test
And I am the Wind and I come from the west.
But before we begin and make our introductions
I think it best you follow these instructions

Make a camera with your hands
And turn it up towards the sky
Find an animal in the clouds
It might be worm, walrus, fish or fly
And if the clouds have run away
Then frame tree bark or a crack in a wall
And spot your creatures shape today

Now in a moment of quiet reflection
Consider your creature with deep inspection
And imagine it sitting upon your palm
Quite content and very calm
Purring if pur it can
And happy to either sit or stand

(When all have an animal then we will progress)
Chapter two

The Wind is fickle the Wind is shrill
The Wind blows warm and the Wind blows chill
And on his path around the world
He stings the cheeks of all boys and girls
And he's stolen simple innocent folk
Who's shapes were spotted in his cloak
These kidnapped creatures are now in cages
It's up to you to rescue in stages
He's snatched them from the world around
And sets you riddles to confound

With a click and a flick of his glassy fist
Bolts of ice squewer the earth
Setting six cages strong
And trapping his prisoners inside the turf

Now cross quickly to your first container
Will the riddle be a no brainer?
But if this riddle be too complex
Then these prisoners will be lost to the test
And set to wander over icy plains
Where cockerels spin on weather veins
And the Wild West Wind chases about
And he whips up storms and delivers drought

So thinking caps on and smarts required
For the Wild West Wind wants you fired
And if you cant solve the riddles below
Then perhaps it's the cages that you'll go
And there you'll be trapped for a year and a day
Until that is the next come to play
And run the riddles set in this test
And try and save prisoners from the Wild West
Walk around the edge of the grass field in a clockwise direction.
Chapter three

Steve the squiral

He is a beautiful ruby red, with shades of orange in his fur. The way Steve cracks his nuts is very unique. His paws are as silky as a moths best silk. He likes drinking fizzy pop! Eating popcorn and watching TV and when he is not watching TV he will be playing baseball (on the wii) !!!!

The squirrel is trapped.

He knaws at the ice bars and breaks them.

The wind froze the bars back and Steve was angry!

I beat nails
and squashes them into anything
I bury my point in wood to get nails out
metal and wood metal and wood

remember it to the end

Continue around the field.
Chapter four

Canadaur the Crocodaur

He has a scaly back, pearl white teeth, pulsing sky blue eyesx2, turquoise fire and every time he puffs he dose 200 press-ups in a second! Despite Canadaurs height he is easily fooled and doesn't realise that his spikes are to keep off the West Wind. He likes to do flips on top of the houses of frightened people.

Canadaur tries to front flip over the bars but gets his legs stuck . The cage is on a slant and he starts sliding down and dearly hurts himself.

The West Wind freezes the crocodaurs legs.
Here are the riddles to set him free :
I can be done in many different ways,
With a brown cloak and spots some days.
I'm dug out of a farmers place
and taken off in a lorry for them to taste.

I can be sewn but not sewn up and eaten by the farmers pup.
Continue around the field.
Chapter five

clammy the comodo dragon

He is very slow,he has brown spots all over him. He plays football tennis and rugby.

He hits the bars with his tail but the wild wind freezes them back up.

Hear is the riddle

I can land on water but I can float,

I am a dragon though I can't breath,

I live in a house and I live in the blue,

I have weapons but they are not sharp,

I can destroy land but I am not on it.
Continue around the field.
Chapter six

Carl the Crocodile

Inside the cage playing cards is Carl the Crocodile with green eyes and blunt prickles on his back and he sits there playing cards until one day he thought he would try to escape. So with blunt prickles he tries to break the bars but the west wind pulls his hand into the bars and he gets stuck so to set him free solve this riddle .

Always in the morning Miss Saunders uses one

Ding a ling ding a ling

I sound like a fire alarm when time is up

Remember the answer you will need this at the end of the test
Continue around the field.
Chapter seven

luke the lama

Luke the lama is trapt and he is out of energy and too cold to move.

He has blue eyes, which are full of icy tears and fury.

His fur is coloured like a wild forest fire and seems to ripple with his frustration and rage.

this is his riddle, if you can work it out then Luke will be free.

I have a bucket and i like to tip
although im big im my own dream
i mostle come in orange and yellow
what am i.
Continue around the field.
Chapter eight

Doris the Dragon & Boris the Dragon

Inside the cage stood Doris and Boris the mischievous Dragons desperately trying to brack free. Doris tries to melt the bars but the west wind freezes her fire. Boris tries to snap the bars and ice but the west wind freezes the ice extra hard.

"oh help!" they both cried as they see you approach "hear is this riddle and we cant work it out!"

Christ is inside me,

I'll take you back to BC,

If you disrespect me Hell come will your way!

Do you know the answer?

Remember the answer for you will need it at the end.

Continue around the field.
Chapter nine

The Finale

The Wind whips East then the Wind whips West
Ready for the riddlers to step up to his test
He steels through the tree tops
And slices through the town
Now the West Wind wants
the answers you have found.

Solve the riddles and your friends will go free.
Chapter ten

Riddle A

In cage number one we have Harry the Hedgehog.

This is his riddle

If you cross me
I won't be cross
Black step
White step
Black step
White step
And across.

If you know the answer then say it now.

The real answer is

A Zebra Crossing

Were you right?
Chapter eleven

Riddle B

In cage number two, we have Danny the Dragon
If you answer his riddle right then he is free.

This is his riddle

Where do florists sleep at night?

If you know the answer then say it now.

The real answer is

A flower bed

Were you right?
Chapter twelve

Riddle C

In cage number three, we have Silus the Salemander
If you answer his riddle right then he is free.

This is his riddle

Cut me up and I'll make you cry
Fresh juices bringing tears to your eyes
Golden or red with multiple skins
Often pickled but rarely in tins

If you know the answer then say it now.

The real answer is

An Onion

Were you right?
Chapter thirteen

Riddle D

In cage number four, we have Sophie the Spider
If you answer his riddle right then she is free.

This is her riddle

What runs past the bank with out a penny to its name, but if you were to make a withdrawal you could use a bucket.

If you know the answer then say it now.

The real answer is

A river

Were you right?
Chapter fourteen

Riddle E

I have a bucket and i like to tip
although im big im my own dream
i mostle come in orange and yellow
what am i.

answer - Dumper truck
Chapter fifteen

Riddle F

In cage number six, we have Doris and Boris the dragons
If you answer their riddle right then they're free.

This is their riddle

Christ is inside me,

I'll take you back to BC,

If you disrespect me Hell come will your way!

If you know the answer then say it now.

The real answer is

A Bible

Were you right?
Chapter sixteen

The end

For every correct answer you give, the ice of their cage melts and the animal is set free.

How many were you able to free?

But the Wind is Wild
And he comes from the west
And he asks one last thing
For the end of his test
What were the beasts you saw in the sky
Was it Worm or Walrus or Fish or Fly?

Speak your animals out loud.

And then Wild Wind is gone again to search for your folk
And snatch the ones you spotted in his cloak.
And gather them here for the next round of his test
To see if the new riddlers are as good as the last.

So what is your animal and what is their name
And how do they try to escape from the cage
Then you must find a riddle.